Do We Recognize Their True Struggle?

  Sticky hands and runny noses. Small and sweet kisses, tiny tears. Mother’s song and child’s laughter. It is hard pressed caring over computers, machines, jobs of customer service as a single mother of one or more. And are we aware of their true struggle?

  Women and children are recorded as the greatest population living in poverty. This is a sadness that carries in the heart of us at Comfort Coach Products and is why we have made the cause one of the two social issues we are dedicating funding to indefinitely. 

  How many questions do we have when it comes to reasons why women and children would be the greatest population in poverty here in the states? And if so how many accurate answers do we have? 

 When Providing Takes Away From Parenting

  It is a thought that a good percentage of this population of mothers and children being in poverty denotes the choice the woman has to make when it comes to the greatest responsibilities she must tend to first. This is not to say that it is not recognized that there are some who simply fail at attempting to try their hand at sole responsibility and try to provide. And it is also a consideration of those who work until their eyelids can not hold and then return home even to attend another shift of hard work that must be done.

  When we speak of the poorest population being women and children we speak of single mothers who of course had anything but chosen to do the job alone. And we would like to think, love to think, that all women are educated and prepared to make the best pro creating decisions, but sadly that is not the case and in most cases at no fault of their own.

   I have been a witness to mothers who have this plight and who daily have to make major life and financial affecting decisions between work and child. And surprisingly even with the aid of state have found themselves in a hole most could debate about, but in these very shoes unlikely find their way out of. Have you seen or sat with a mother in such a position? I warn you that it is heartbreaking, especially when your own hands are mostly tied. She and her children are truly worthy of support. 

   It Can Not Be Denied

  As a solidifying reference I have concluded the truth to their need by including a consideration from an old and great book of wisdom which by its author requests that these two in particular be considered at all times for charity by the people. The widow and the fatherless child. And why is this do you think? It certainly isn’t because they are privileged or inept, but likely due to the nature of each one and the natural order of their relationship and the challenge they face when alone and having to participate in cost of living throughout the land and how these two responsibilities often and mainly crash into each other often to negatively impact those involved. This is not a minor negative impact, but such a great one that there is a considerable record to help provide for them.

We Will Not Forget You

  Woman and child, here at Comfort Coach Products you are one of our goals of accomplishment. We are very concerned with your welfare not because you are weak or inept, but due to the natural nature of your plight when having to raise a child or children on your own in a world which has great cost of living. This challenge as we understand often interrupts terribly your ability to due to the average extent what is needed to survive by you and your children. We find this cause to be of the upmost importance and work daily to fundraise through our creation and business goals. You are truly part of our passion during your time of need.  And we remain so very proud of you as you continue enduring and fighting for you and your child’s sake. You are a great mark of humanity at its best. This you must always, always know and understand no matter what class or struggle you find yourselves in or that others will label you as. What a reward you are to your child or children. Continue to do what you do and we will continue and strive to support you. With the greatest of love for you, you will remain deeply carved in our hearts and mind.

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