Parental myths

 They are passed down from generation to generation, parental myths. They are traditional sayings used as words of wisdom provided to a new parent or anyone raising a young child. Do you remember the “Terrible Twos” and such sayings as “You’ll spoil your baby if you pick him or her up when he or she cries.” We have heard I these sayings in just about every family, and amidst every couple raising kids. Many of us have truly heard and believed them all our lives. And after reading a publication that is used in the education of college students studying child development, there are some important details we should pass on and they should be more prevalent then these considered myths. This is because they are partially descriptive and not fact nor true statements of wisdom.

The Terrible Twos 

 There is one that caught my attention the most. “The terrible twos.” It provided a scenario of a professor speaking with a student. The teacher has heard that her child has recently start becoming very “Bad.” And after speaking with her awhile, upon hearing the child was into this and into that, the professor stood confused about why his student had not responded to her “Problem” concerning her child’s behavior, with the exact topic they they were working on and discussing through exercise and study each day? “Child development.” And really many of us would have recognized her words, that her child was just coming into the “Terrible twos,” where all chaos begins to happen in the life of the parent and child. But the purpose of this is to talk about these being myths aside fact, that while seeming to be every bit of true for most of us “Those who understand human development would have a more accurate and melodic reason for the behavior.” The age of two is not the time of child terror.

 “I had hoped that she would have respond to me such as “Dr. So and so, my son, like all children his age is seeking to understand the world he lives in and he does this through exploration. “He doesn’t understand that his behavior is annoying me, or may be harmful to him and others.” I must make certain the environment encourages healthy and safe exploration. When he does behave in ways that are inappropriate, I must instruct him as to what I need him to do. I understand that I must repeat these instructions many times.”

Seeing Is Believing, Hearing Is Understanding 

 I just took a portion from the book as it said to me everything we needed to understand about our children at that time, and put it in the correct respective so that we are not thinking “Time to put our foot down, as much as, time to be helpful and understanding of their stage and also be patient enough to correct what wrong does occur during this stage.” How does this sound to you? Now lets not get carried away and think that parents won’t have many moments when they lose patience, it is understood. But, for the most part considering the “Terrible twos to be the age of exploration and a Childs getting acquainted with the world around them puts us in a different mid set and mood. And they need and deserve it. How many times have we gone to battle with our little munchkins with the wrong attitude in mind? Think about it. When the poke, prod, stick, pull, tear, etc, things a part. They are complete busy bodies, but it is not because they are being terrible or purposely annoying, they are actually trying to learn and mature for survival and growth. One day they will be doing things on their own as they should and it starts now. 

 So now, go enjoy as much as you can and understand your maturing little sack of young energy. And as quickly as you came across this beautifully out of form information, it being hidden beneath terror instead of discovery, feel free to share it with as many other parents as you can. Instead of using “The terrible twos,” maybe you can come up with another saying to pass on through generations to help ensure we better understand our attitude and duty at the time, and also that our littles don’t continue to get the bad wrap, having to endure moms and dads pre planned baby war strategies!

Better To Be Exposed To Facts, Than To Be Blinded By Myths

 I truly hope that this has helped and enlightened you as much as me. Yet if you still view things differently or have more questions, it isn’t too much to pick up a quick themed child development book to assist with the understanding of concrete facts which help you strengthen your beautiful child instead of myths that label or cause you to unconsciously misunderstand them. “By the way mom and dad. We are a big fan of your work.” With all the love in our hearts here at CCP, we thank you for being a part of our community and supportive to our purpose and products as they continue to file in like little promised soldiers.

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