How to use and care for your Comfie Coachie

HOW TO USE your Comfie Coachie

Placement of the Comfie Coachie on a child is really easy (but most adults get it backwards at first—the arm straps probably suggest a carry bag instead of a forward facing product). Here’s how it’s fitted—easy as 1, 2, 3, literally:


Take the triangular seat belt harness on the back and slide it just beneath the lap and chest belt, and close.


Slide each arm through the arm straps so that the Comfie Coachie is setting with the kangaroo pocket facing outward.


Allow the child to position themselves in the comforting, warm and gentle clutch of the Coachie.
You’re done! And your child is comfortable and safe.

HOW TO CARE for your Comfie Coachie

When you need to clean the Comfie Coachie we have a few suggestions which will allow parents to help the product remain clean during the child’s use:
♥ Wipe your Comfie Coachie with a warm, damp cloth—simple and economical.
♥ You can use baby wipes (which work wonders on all items!).
♥ Comfie Coachie can also be dry-cleaned. They know how to handle such items with appropriate care.
Ø Do not machine wash.
Ø Do not tumble dry.
For any further information please reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you!

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