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It feels so great to know we can continue to travel around with our small children. We no longer have to consider concluding our shopping or errands early due to the uncomfortable positions we sometimes found the kids in. Comfie Coachie is the product we’ve been waiting for and the kids really do love their pillow. It never leaves the car. We have to have the Coachie every where we go. Thank you Comfort Coach Products, for providing the real deal for our children’s rest and comfort during travel.


I knew that we both really needed and wanted some type of rest support for our children when they fall asleep during trips in the car. We did not realize until we actually received the Coachie and made use of it, that it was definitely a game changer. After having it for awhile we don’t know how we would get along without it. The Comfie Coachie is worth far more than pictures and words can say. I would be the first to say to every parent that not only must you have one for your child or children, but that they and their children will definitely reap the rewards of comfort and a peace of mind. This pillow is an absolute keeper with a 100% returned value.


I have to admit that I did not expect as much as was received. We are thrilled! We had tried atleast two other products which advertised a snug or comfortable rest for our children when they fall asleep in the car. I can’t tell you but perhaps many other parents know, how disappointed we were to find the kids in the same unsupported positions we had before the purchase. I honestly believed that we would again be disappointed but due to the ongoing problem we were left with no choice but to try. Comfie Coachie however, provided the same picture perfect support and comfort that it had on the advertisement and I am all to happy to provide a grateful testimony. The problem is resolved and niether we or our children are suffering from the lack of support and comfort our children had prior suffered during car rides. I must say that we truly appreciate your honesty and your exceptional product. Great work!


I hadn’t recognized the cautionary value of such a product but knew we could use one. I definitely considered how disturbing it was for us to see our child have a hard time falling asleep. She bobbed and dangled until eventully she landed in an awkward and uncomfortable position, usually a forward hanging position. The Comfie Coachie is appreciated and if there is any parent out there without a headrest for their kids, we will be sure to direct them to the Comfie Coachie.


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