84 percent of 18-21 year olds have admitted to suffering back pain in the last 12 months. This may not appear very alarming unless you understood that suffering back pain at these ages is premature.
Are our children going to die? Are they going to be in a wheel chair for the rest of their life…no, however they will be unlikely to withstand in sports or active lifestyles for as long as possible. To practice good posture is not only needed, it means a longer duration of activity in your child’s later years.

Sound Asleep in Car Seat

This car seat promotes collapsed posture.

  Believe it or not bad posture begins as a custom with our understanding. We have been comfortable believing that our children are fine slouched over as comfortable as when in the womb. If you take notice however, a child, as he grows, elongates his body as soon as he forms the strength to. This is the proper form for regeneration of growing muscles and bones. “When babies first learn to sit they naturally elongate the spine. This is the position that requires the least muscle strength and gains the most support from the skeletal system.”- Bad Habits In Children-Posture Makeover. 

  “Posture is both dynamic (maintaining balance) and static (sitting in one position).”-BeingTheParent.com There are articles pouring in regarding the teaching, modeling and molding your child in order to achieve this physical health. The interest is in maintaining “A better skeletal structure,” which will lengthen the the life span of human activity. Many of these articles provide proven suggestions for parents to help their child build such habits.

  Comfort Coach Products is greatly supportive of child posture during nap time in the vehicle. Our Comfie Coachie will help ensure not only good posture, but helping your child stay upright in the position needed to maintain the integrity of your vehicles seat belt safety system. Our headrest is not just another car pillow, but a healthy system of sleep set within an especially designed pillow which will support and comfort every child.
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