Frequently Asked Questions

Our flagship product COMFIE COACHIE™, designed to protect your child or toddler while dozing off in a moving vehicle, is in production. Here are some answers about our company and products. Sign up below so you don’t miss our special announcements. Here’s to your child’s comfort and safety!

Where else can I learn about Comfie Coachie™ and your company?
You can visit our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. We will continue keeping you updated with any other resources used to help promote and educate the public regarding our business and products.

Can I be notified when Comfie Coachie™ is available?
You can. Simply send an email to us here at and request a notification as soon as the product or children’s book becomes available.

Will there be more styles available?
Absolutely. We are having the most fun with preparation of a few styles which we will make available. We will begin with our cozy cloud and soft brown Coachies available beginning February 2017.

Who is Comfort Coach Products?
We build and innovate ideas of comfort and an emphasis on the consumer goods directed for people of all ages. We appreciate and respect the journey of life and our products assist in supporting the ease of mobility and milestones of growth throughout the years. The Comfort Coach brand is product focused. We are creating future support, comfort and safety through innovation and design.

Is Comfie Coachie™ a patented product?
Comfie Coachie™ is a patented product owned by the founder and owner of CCP.

How do I support your effort to ensure the safety of all children traveling in a vehicle?
You are already supporting us by just being here. Thank you. We will continue to need help with gaining awareness and grabbing as much public attention as possible. Also, if you desire one for yourself now you can pre-order Comfie Coachie™ which will also help us grow and meet greater goals.

How can I support the business and products?
Again, you are doing that now by visiting our pages and also sharing us with others. You may know friends, groups or communities who would have great interest in our products. If so, yours and their visits and likes on our social sites can have a great impact.

How do I contact you?
Simple! Email with any individual questions you may have. Sign up below to receive announcements about our product releases and other valuable information.

Is your site secure?
Our site is secure to protect your privacy. We do not share information nor spam.

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Highway Safety Report
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